Katik Group was founded in 1353 (1974), with the backing of experience and expertise, to cope with the needs of the automobile technical industry by providing a wide range of products from the most reputable manufacturers of automobile spare parts in the supply of equipment and parts including American cars: Chevrolet, SUV related. We continue in our efforts by supplying spare parts and accessories for Korean brands such as Daewoo, Hyundai, and the products of Kerman Car manufacturer, for the need of the automobile technical engineering industry and car repair fields. We are also in close cooperation with leading importers and distributors of these products in Iran to try to meet the different needs of customers. Saed Store currently supplies auto parts for Lifan, JAC, Geely, Chery, MVM, Great Wall. By having Competitive and Affordable Prices, High quality products and Excellent after sales service as our top priorities. We have created incentive to start the Katik Group in order to allow us to offer a service that is competent, reliable and worthy of our valuable customers.
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Katik集團成立於1353年(1974年),憑藉豐富的經驗和專業知識,在設備供應, 滿足汽車技術行業的需求,提供來自最著名的製造商的廣泛產品,零件包括美國車:雪佛蘭,SUV相關產品。 為汽車技術工程行業和汽車修理領域的需要, 我們繼續努力,提供韓國品牌如大宇,現代和克曼汽車製造商的產品備件和配件。我們還與這些產品在伊朗的主要進口商和分銷商密切合作,努力滿足客戶的不同需求。 Saed商店目前供應力帆,江淮,吉利,奇瑞,長城的汽車零件。以具有競爭力和合理價格,優質的產品和優良的售後服務作為我們的首要任務。 我們創建了Katik集團,讓我們能為我們的客戶提供一個有能力,可靠的服務。
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